Cyber Security

Latest cyber security update that we hear about, freely available and available for your consumption. we will try and include some information on what can help defend and help prevent bad things from happening to your data and personal information.
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Google Chrome (Again) 3rd Zero day flaw in this year affecting billions of people


More Urgent security updates to google chrome for the 3rd time this year. its great google keeps on top of this and you should confirm your running at least Version 100.0.4896.75 or later.



Google Chrome 2nd Zero day flaw in this year affecting billions of people


Google has a confirmed a massive exploit that is being used against google chrome. This is happening on the internet currently and for a while now. the only protection is to update and good news, its easy to do!



Security flaw in hardware could give attackers permanent access to your system.


A recently discovered UEFI firmware vulnerabilities 9.8 score out of 10 give attackers possible access to installing non removable viruses on your computers hardware. UPDATE BIOS NOW!

Critical Vulnerability in Windows DNS Server


All Windows server versions are exposed to a DNS security flaw that is easy to exploit and if it is allows remote code to run among other major security concerns as well as infect other systems on the network that use this DNS server.

Zoom 5.1.2 Zero day Compromise


Zoom has a Zero day vulnerability, Zero day is as bad as it gets in the IT world and gives the attacker “code execution privileges” meaning they can run code on your computer without your consent or knowledge.

Update your Router now!


Hackers are Getting into your data via your Router, Enterprise grade or the one that came with your home internet they are all exposed!

Australia Targeted in Copy-paste compromises



We have heard, and some of us have seen increased cyber attacks on infrastructure and scam. This has been reported as a large organised state backed attack. This is serious but you can mitigate the risks greatly with some simple instruction, i aim to give some general info on this in a readable fashion that is not going to take too much brain power to digest with some things you can do instantly to help not get compromised

Security Problems with QNAP NAS’s


Qnaps are great for some places, providing a compact all in one easy to use storage solution but they have their problems and you need to know about them and keep on top of them.
Like most IT Tech.