Protecting your data is everything nowadays. Access, control, backups, recovery, auditability is key! Here at Data Management Solutions we excel at helping you secure your data. We will build a plan for you so that you can always get at your most precious resource no matter what happens.

Disaster recovery plan

Having a server failure and not knowing what to do is about as stressful as it gets for a company that depends on their data. We can develop plans and implement systems so you know you are safe when something in your system fails. Failures happen but the thought of this happening doesn’t need to give you anxiety. Our plan assistance will reduce outage impact on your company. For more info on disaster recovery planning get in touch. We can assist with risk assessments to implementation and execution.

Offsite Automatic Fail-Over

Imagine if your webserver goes down for any reason at all; power failure, internet outage, fire, etc.

How bad would that be?

Now imagine without even a single click site B spins up and takes over serving your clients with little to no downtime. Your clients data is still there and as far as everyone is concerned nothing has even happened.

We make this sort of thing happen, behind the scenes there may be a lot of systems, VPN, database replication, possibly even changes to how the website works but if it’s worth it to you, we will make it happen!



The most important things to have once you have data is backups. The best place to keep your backups is offsite for a few obvious reasons. How this backup data gets there and how often this happens can be an important decision. We can make offsite data a background task. Leaving you confident if your systems is damaged or penetrated, you are covered.

Fine Grain Access Control

Keeping your data away from the people that don’t need it is a good practice. Limiting access is even a recommended security, a best practice, labelled “least privilege control model”.

Limiting is done for many reasons:

  • Legal reasons, to keeping people out of Human Resource information
  • Sales teams don’t need to know the company’s finances and who gets paid what
  • Research and development can be incredibly valuable and devastating in the wrong hands

However, some users do need to see this data and some even need to edit/delete it. The options on limitations are endless, and not just on the shared drives, but on computers in general. Access on who can search the network and who can’t or who can connect to which server etc. is all tailorable. If you know who needs access to what, we can make a system that supports your needs.



The first question when it comes to data protection is what are you protecting, then how are you protecting it. Data can be exposed on servers, from networks, while in transit, or local on your laptop. With the what and how we can find a way to encrypt your data to keep you safe. From bit locker to IPSEC, we know encryption!

PCI compliance, Risk assessments, regulatory compliance

There are big organisations all over the world that conform by any number of standards/regulations and this can be a roadblock on the path to collaborating with them.

We can help you answer the standards/regulations questions, or help make you compliant where you fall short of their expectations, what every they may be!