IT Networks

The world is connected like never before and this is done through networking. The internet is both a resource and a risk, but for everyone to work together the information needs to keep flowing. Network are required for access to file servers, email, internet, internal resources, external contractors and the list goes on! There is a solution to every problem so everyone can get at the resources they need.

Internet Connection

Basic Office setup

Step one is always to connect to the internet. This seems simple but it can get complicated very quickly, especially if you have a few high demand users on the network.
When the internet is not working perfectly you notice it, along with everyone else, it’s as important as air in the modern world.
DMSIT can provide a solution to your connectivity issues.

Office VPN Solutions 

A VPN (virtual private network) is a way for your remote users to connect securely to their office resources.
Whether the resource is in the next room or anywhere in the world, we will give you “on demand” access in a secure method.
As the internet continues to get more dangerous, the average user and even the experienced IT person can get fooled or attacked without even realising it’s happening.
A VPN is one secure solution we offer to minimise this risk. VPNs are common place on the internet nowadays and there is a reason for that, the alternatives aren’t as secure or as fast. Alternatives often force staff do everything locally and share the information using bandwidth hungry and insecure methods.
Such methods often end up leaving you paying month to month plans using the systems of other companies. A slow money leak that your company doesn’t need.
Perhaps a solution is found in sending flash drives or data using online share services, this is easy to use but end up resulting in failures due to data loss, theft or security breaches.
Get away from the human errors, data loss, delays, incorrect versions and repeated work as things need to be redone or brought back up to speed.
Contact us for fast, secure, and reliable data management solutions.

Site to Site VPN

Connecting 2 sites like office A and office B, whether they are “main office and branch office” or “onsite and offsite” or “your company and a development house that needs easy, secure and constant connectivity” via a site to site VPN gives you transparency in the connection, strong security, and reliable connectivity. It is as if your offices are in the same building even though one may be an ocean away. There is no need to dial a connection or connect to a web page first, the connection is simply maintained to the other side with a persistent and secure connection.

In the IT world there is always a payoff between convenience and security. This is one of the very few exceptions to the rule! Once set up, you will never have to think about it again. The connection will be there as long as you have internet at both sites.

This of course can then be firewalled and secured to any level you require. With ease can keep accidental bandwidth usage down or security up from a site that only needs access to select resources.


Middle of nowhere internet solutions

You will be amazed at where you can get solid reliable internet nowadays for amazingly affordable prices. Between Long range 4G connections with directional antenna or by talking direct to satellite (or both at the same time if you need). There should never be a reason your project can’t happen “because there is no internet there”.

We have worked extensively with providers and achieved real success where it was not thought possible.

Examples like work locations that are out of the way, such as mountains and deserts or remote unmanned camera monitoring stations with live access are not a problem. 

Even if there is no power we can work with some standard kit to make remote locations seem like it’s next door to your office!

Point to Point VPN’s

When running a cable is impractical or impossible, point to point wireless connections take over.

These networks are very reliable and incredibly secure when set up correctly.

Better yet, nowadays they don’t need to cost the earth.

The one rule is to not have a mountain in between the locations and have a distance less than 100KM’s. There are of course scaled cost solutions for all the way down to 5 meters and everywhere in between. Once these are set up they will run for many years without needing to be touched in any way.


Not sure of the solution you need? No problem, get in touch and we will review your needs. We can then give you options, explain the pros and cons of each.