Onsite Server Solutions

By far the most popular way to run an office is with some sort of onsite solution. While some services may be better suited to the cloud, there is nothing you can’t do with the right onsite Server solution. Having the peace of mind, that right there, in that room, is my data. this is not something to overlook.

Offsite Server Solutions

Data Centres are taking over the world of data and there are many great reasons to consider this as an option. Buying your own server and putting it in a Data Centre gives you a lot of advantages. Offsite data centres maintain a constant temperature, zero humidity, multiple stable power supplies and internet so fast your server will not be able to keep up.

Hosting your server in a Data Centre is called “co-location” and is very popular, you pay per space in the cabinet and can add on almost anything. There is access control and 24/7 cameras so your servers are safe and secure. Getting the server installed and operational as well as navigating the documentation and regulations to make this happen is something we can help you with.